Cognitive Battlefield

Some say there is an information war going on, what if we are not the soldiers of no struggle but the battlefield? What if all was about our perception?
cognitive battlefield

A point of view

The cognitive battlefield is not obvious. At first sight, regular rows of uncoloured bipeds are slowly swinging to a silent music. They are the only thing that can be seen in the room. There is nothing more around them than a dark void. It’s not a cold darkness like in space. It’s like a dense fog preventing anything from being seen.

Each little pawn moves with its own pattern that seems independent from its neighbors. But with an upper point of view all these individual cells look like they are all playing a precise part of the same score. All these movements are related one to the other in a strange way, and they create a scheme at a larger scale. Like metronomes that always finally find themselves beating to the same tempo, individual vibrations sometimes synchronize and create something new that’s needing an upper view to be perceived.

The watcher keeps going towards what looks like a roof behind the darkness up there. He has the feeling they are in a warehouse whose dimensions will stretch to infinite as he finally never reaches any roof. From above he can see the discrete shivers spreading from everyone’s sway. He realizes that sometimes they get in phase and create a huge tidal wave suddenly rising and turning everyone into the same direction.

cognitive battlefield

An epic battle

And then he sees them. He sees opposing forces building walls or creating contrary vibrations in just a second. He discerns them, coming at sight in just a glimpse. He hears them beating on huge drums whose echoes finally give an idea of the true size of this room. He can guess from the shadow levitating musicians playing horns and even an entire orchestra of chords only visible to those who focus on ignoring the fog of darkness. Their music is something else. It cancels and sometimes even throws back the energy of the crowd into the opposite directions.


As he keeps getting higher, the patterns formed on the surface of this sea of translucent beings, don’t appear to be generated at an individual scale anymore. It appears that the global energy always goes in the same direction and is generated by obviously conscious impulses. That is when he notices that all the creatures down there have their eyes fixed on something. And that something is urging them not to try to search for light in the darkness and to just be afraid of the musicians of the apocalypse. With this language of fear that “something” creates shockwaves striking the crowd and influencing the movements on a global scale.


He’s curious to look at what’s behind him, frightening and mesmerizing the poor souls. But he can’t. Now that he has seen the band emerge, what looked dark progressively becomes infinite shades of dawn. Some in the crowd stop following the main movement and begin to levitate too. Their transparency now looks like sparse sources of humble glowing lights. The musicians appear more and more clearly as more and more lights arise.

Cognitive battlefield is what we are

He knows what he has always felt in his deepest core: There is an abstract war between artificial light and the new dawn of humanity, and the millions of souls under influence are the cognitive battlefield of this epic challenge.

Track composed and produced by Dantec Trippy.