Embrace The New Dawn (featuring S.P.J.C.) - Part 2

Embrace the new dawn and don’t let them tell you emergency is the new normal.

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Let’s raise the tempo for this new track. It’s an energetic electronic rock track built in three parts, from the rough takes of a jam session with the Swimming Pool Jam Crew.

Let’s dance like nobody’s watching on epic celtic patterns performed with the instinctive power of a garage rock band.

embrace the new dawn of trippy electronic music artist producer
This track is a very special work to me. I did not compose it the way I usually compose songs or instrumental:
I invited the Swiming Pool Jam Crew to my studio and I plugged them into my computer. They played all night, and from these takes, I isolated what I wanted and built this tune! At the end of the production I asked a professionnal drummer to perform a rock beat because the track needed more energy.
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This is what the studio looked like at that time…
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