Hall of Fame E.P.

at the threshold of the hall of fame

Will you cross the threshold?

To celebrate the “hall of fame”, the top of the tops, I will use my two main influences: On the one hand I hold Bristol triphop, on the other hand I hold heavy rock. Let’s shake them together as strong as possible and hear how it sounds!

Push play to discover Hall of Fame E.P. It is a 25 minutes rock/ hiphop trip. So prepare yourself to receive a raw vibe emerging straight from the dystopic city…

The first track of Hall of Fame E.P. is called Silence, and it was an accident!

I was recording a rehearsal and the musicians were touchy. The recording system made a loop where it was not supposed to. This blew the take but the loop finally became the start for a triphop experiment…

The second track, Hall of Fame, was inspired by triphop and sounds almost like coldwave.

The MC is a dark robot. He’s asking: “who is responsible for all this non-sense?”

You may think I am some pessimistic or dark artist. But I am not. This gloomy music is just the signal I capture when I’m listening to the world.

The interesting question should be: How does this vibration echoe to you?

I’m always experimenting new things from down to up tempo. I consider myself as an electronic musician, but I am often told that my music sounds like rock! That’s because I want to convey a powerful and raw energy, and that’s Rock’n’Roll baby!

Take a tour on this website to get some vibrations. Purchase and share to support my work. And don’t forget to connect with me so I can share with you so much more sound…

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