Electro Hiphop with the power of Rock !

Welcome to Mathieu Dantec, aka Dantec3p, trippy music artist & producer exploring beyond the borders of music genres.

I’ve been an audio-engineer and a producer for more than twenty years in Paris, France.

Now I wish to focus on my own artistic creation:

I have many different identities: I often refer to sound-system culture and bass music. But I also  quote heavy rock, or so many other influences! Please listen how I mix them together in these three first releases. Some say it sounds like hip-hop. others call it electronica. I’m often considered a rock artist too! I guess it’s mainly depending on who’s listening. Anyway I always making it powerful and trippy, because that’s just the way I want music to be.

Now just push “play” button and quickly discover a few sounds…

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dantec3p trippy electronic hiphop rock music artist producer recorder blues hall of fame

Who is Dantec3p ?

As I told you, I’m a crossover musician.

I started composing on electronic devices in the early 90’s. But I never considered myself as a “true” musician at that time. As I did not play any instrument, I was feeling just illegitimate or unworthy. So I studied sound techniques to learn how I could express my creativity. After years these skills had finally turned me into a professional music producer. And now I consider my studio as my instrument.

During years I felt very lucky, because I was working every day with musicians. Most of my job was to help them in order to reveal the artist they truly were… And I guess I was quite good at that!

Being a “music helper” brought me to explore every level of the society. I worked in very underground concerts as well as for major political events. Sometimes we were so few in the audience. But it also happened that the music was broadcast live all around the world!

I realised that, at every step of the ladder, the process is the same: Music is a powerful magic that helps telling stories.

For years I’ve been one of these invisible guys working backstage. From this alternative point of view, I’m conveying this feeling to you: Reality is not the same if you are looking from behind the artificial lights…

Vibrations through darkness & light

My artist work is inspired by this experience. My first release is Recorder Blues E.P. It is a 25 minutes vibration from light to dark. The second one, Hall of Fame E.P. goes a bit further into trippy downtempo darkness. I also published Embrace The New Dawn that is another kind of energy, with upper tempo.

Let yourself go from one epic vibe to another. Purchase and share to support my work. I have many other powerful and trippy sounds I will share with you when you join.

My next E.P. will include more vocal performance and harmonies. I can’t wait to tell you more about these new songs. So please subscribe and I can share with you a lot more of powerful and trippy vibe!

See you soon. Dantec3p (french pronunce trippy!)