Music Contests are Political

Music contests are political and that's becoming even more obvious for many people, after Ukrainian victory during Eurovision 2022.
music contests are political

The World is a Stage

Music contests are political... Just like anything else! But this time we've come to the next level.

Ukraine winning Eurovision makes me think about the instinctive mistrust I’ve always had about music contests. It is a perfect demonstration of the purpose I express with my music: We are living in a huge drama performance, and it only stands upright because we are looking at the actors on stage. But the walls of the theater are cracking, and the light of the dawn gets in. It is stronger than the artificial lights in the room, so it spoils the magic and finally uncovers the fact that all this is only a story telling…

This “victory” appears to so many people as an obvious “too-lucky-coincidence”. Most of them will be cautious not to express this surprise because they know what they would be called. But this event is making them realize that maybe all this is about something else than music, and maybe it’s always been this way.

Maybe Eurovision is just a tool for militaries to influence people and defend a “vision of Europe”? 

When you are looking at a song contest on a commercial channel there are ads. If you assist a local contest, commercial partners, who finance the event, print their logos in sight all around the room. What about Eurovision? None of this! No “Emirates” or “Red Bull” panels. So what is the use of Eurovision? Who finances it and what for?

Music contests are political struggles at lower scales

I don’t care about the answer to these questions. “Real” facts are for those who need to be convinced. I don’t believe in “the Truth”. All that matters to me is that the perfect synchronization between this Ukrainian victory and the war between Russia and Nato (Sorry, Ukraine!) will spoil a certain storytelling to the eyes of many people.

Maybe it is pure coincidence, maybe NATO and the West in general are led by honor and they would never use any means of propaganda because they respect people. Maybe all these rumors are just evil Russian manipulations. This is not my subject. What matters to me is that this victory brings people to think that things may not be as they appear.

And at a lower scale, it is what I have always thought about music contests. I’ve always felt uneasy with associating music, and even artistic creation in general, to competition. I think music is just about expressing something and sending it to the world. It is about being as close as possible to what you feel inside. Then maybe the signal is captured by someone and you have an audience. But music is not about formatting yourself to the rules of a competition (never asking who wrote the rules!) just to become the best or the second, so that you get all the audience and the others get nothing! That is not art, that is monopoly.

I'm no soldier in no battle

music contests are political

My uneasiness even turns to abdominal discomfort when I hear about the hiphop culture of “battles”… It always made me want to shout out: “Are you serious guys? Aren’t there enough wars that you want to recreate more? Don’t you have enough opportunities in society to fight and be humiliated? Don’t you just want to make your audience have a good time? Why downgrading other humans would be any proof of your being any worthy?!” I keep this feeling for me as I have so many friends in hiphop and battles and things like that.

They have to perform like they are the “big guy” while most of them are just normal emotional human beings. That makes me feel sorry, what a cruel world we put ourselves in.

Can I have your attention please?

I’m not 100% against contests. There is a parallel with sport competitions I like. And I admit everyone does not react like I do. So maybe if I feel uneasy about it I just should not participate. And that’s what I do. I sincerely hope artists that take part in competitions find a real interest in it.

All I mean is that, at a philosophical level, the system of contests is the exact opposite of music creation! So if it does not fit artistic creation, why are there more and more music contests everywhere? And that is a political issue.

Contests prepare the minds of the people for competition. Music, and art, should be an isolated island in a modern world that has turned into a sea of global competition. It should be a place where you can go and have a rest, connect yourself to a source that is not money. It should be a way to remind people we are human beings, and that means we are able to appreciate the beauty of creation, we are not wolves whose only aim is to be the alpha leading the pack…

Music contests are political tumors

Things don’t happen just by themselves. Music contests don’t grow on trees. If there are more and more of them it is just that there is an interest in that. This is no conspiracy here. It is just a political system that has become sick and needs to protect itself from alternatives because it sees them as a threat. It is like a body with cancer attacking its own healthy cells.

That finally reveals that music is far more than just a “product”, or a “content”. Music is a relief in the march of a political system that is turning to totalitarianism. And this system doesn’t want you to have relief! Because it is collapsing, the so-called “globalism”, needs to make people believe there is no alternative to its fake capitalism, even art must fit global fight!

The Sun Also Rises

We are getting closer to total collapse, so the tricks look more obvious. But song contests, just like hip hop battles, have ALWAYS been a political application of the market to music. I’m not saying no one should not participate or organize music contests. My purpose is just that we are part of a global movement, and this movement is not “natural”, it is fed by political philosophy defending private interests. We are living in a period of time where all this is becoming visible. So maybe it is a good time to stop believing all this is “natural” and get out of the room…