Recorder Blues E.P.

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Welcome to my five tracks E.P. Recorder Blues!

Most of you know me as “the sound guy”.

For years, I’ve been one of these invisible workers packing speakers in the truck and installing your microphones…

Now let me show you my artist work.

I composed this first E.P. to give you a quick look to my universe. I have many different influences. The main ones are electronic music and rock. So this first exploration is made to be listened from the first track to the last.  During 25 minutes I take you from chill vibes to epic and trippy sounds, and I hope this feeling will remind you the way we used to listen to albums in the past...

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The track called Recorder Blues is a smooth introduction into my universe. It sounds like a 90’s alternative pop song! It is sweet and chill but it is also trippy, don’t you think?

Recorder Blues takes place in my everyday setting of that time: My studios.

You get the recorder blues when magic of artistic creation has disappeared under everyday routine of technical jobs...

Assuming such a place, was the main part of my working time, and my personal time too! Managing my own establishement left me no energy to experiment my own music. Even worse, I had kind of entered a routine. And this feeling was the exact opposite of the magic that had brought me to become a sound guy! That’s what I express in the song Recorder Blues.

Finally, I had to close my studios recently. After trying all I could, the situation became clear: I would never take over the consequences of two months of mandatory sanitary restrictions. During an entire year after shutting down, I wondered if I would ever get through this personal drama. These events forced me remembering that I am an artist too.

Meet me in studio where I’m experiencing events from the twilight zone…

(experimental session with the lightpainting & infrared photography artist Dawn)

Now let's get dark!

After this soft start I need to tell you one thing:
I am not a pop artist.

The third track of the record is called “Reincarnated”. It is the moment you enter the dark side of this E.P.

Here comes Dope Chic, straight from Chicago to feature on this industrial and minimalist instrumental. Join me and the Highest Priestess and let’s have a ride to an acid-rap sorcery from outer space!

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Let's go deeper

This was just a quick presentation of my work here. There are many other powerful and trippy sounds I will share with you. Subscribe so when we are  connected, I take you further into my rabbit hole made with trippy electronic sounds, and hiphop music that hits as loud as a rock band! 

See you on the other side my friend!

Dantec Trippy