Dantec trippy

Embrace The New Dawn


This purchase gives you access to a 4 files download:

  • 3 MP3 320 (high-definition compressed audio) files: Embrace The New Dawn, part 1, part 2, and part 3.
  • 1 JPEG artwork


Good to know: The stream on this website is also MP3 320 audio.


Electronica/ Rock/ Experimental, original track (instrumental with robot talk) built in three parts.

8 minutes total length.

Total Download weight: 20.4 Mo

About this product:

New electronic & rock epic track by Dantec Trippy. 8 minutes uplifitng and energetic electronica song mixing digital sounds with the power of rock performers.

Heavy electronic beats enhanced with acoustic drums, amped bass and guitar, keyboards and synth sounds with robot- like vocals. Celtic inspired hypnotic patterns and a powerful feeling of emergency!

The perfect fusion of electronic and rock music. Uptempo track (140bpm).

Progressive song built in three parts. Single “banger” version is part 2.

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