Embrace The New Dawn

3 MP3 (320Mbps) files: Embrace The New Dawn (part 1, 2 & 3).

Electronica / Techno / Rock. 8 minutes track composed by Dantec3p, featuring Swimming Pool Jam Crew.


After every dark is the new dawn. Will you embrace it?

Embrace The New Dawn is my new track, featuring my friends of the Swimming pool Jam Crew!

Let me increase the tempo for this new project and get rid of any border between electronic music and rock.

As sure as winter is cold and summer is hot, the night never looks as dark as just before the dawn. We humans, are experiencing the end of the night, at a global level. We still have individual ways to deal with what’s happening, and many of us are still afraid by darkness. But the light always comes back and finally breaks up the night. All we have to do is letting ourselves go, and embrace the new dawn…

Embrace The New Dawn: Credits

recording embrace the new dawn in my studio in 2014
My studio in 2014.

This project was created in a quite unconventional way: I was recording my friends jamming in my studio when something “jumped” to my ears… They only played it a few seconds and it was not perfectly played. But I guessed what could come from it if I turned it into a pattern and gave it some production help.

On the next morning I found the short sequence in the middle of an entire night of recording. Then I started experimenting with what the guys had played. It took me a very long time but I finally got satisfied: I had built a very unique piece from their raw music material. Then I asked to a professionnal drummer to perform the drum part again. Much of the energy had been lost with all my cuts and edits on the original recordings and he brought me pure magic.

And there was this new epic electronic & rock performance I am so proud to present to you here!

SPJC are: Cédric Galliene (drums), Xavier Patoux (bass), Sébastien Patoux (guitar), Julien Lecomble, aka Juljaaz (keys).

Additional drums performed by Yoann Hadjaz.

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