Dantec trippy

Hall of Fame E.P.


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  • 5 MP3 320 (high-definition compressed audio) files: Silence, Hall of Fame, Look at the (Artificial) Light, Five Days, Lost Archives.
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Trip-hop/ Rock/ electronica 5 original tracks album: 2 songs & 3 instrumentals.

25 minutes total length.

Total Download weight: 47Mo

About this product:

Trip-hop / rock / cold & industrial darkwave, second E.P. by Dantec Trippy.

Dystopic and epic moods. Heavy hip-hop beats with hypnotic synths and distorted guitars.


  1. Silence (Metal/rock triphop)
  2. Hall of Fame (dark/coldwave triphop)
  3. Look at the (artificial) Light (hypnotic darkwwave heavy hiphop beat with rock guitar)
  4. Five Days (vocal triphop with grunge guitar ending as destroy punk track)
  5. Lost Archives (symphonic darkwave triphop)

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