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Recorder Blues E.P.


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  • 6 MP3 320 (high-definition compressed audio) files: Première, Recorder Blues, Reincarnated, Every Day (intro), Every Day, Morgus vs Atom AngelHeart Motherf****rs.
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Downtempo/ Electronica/ Trip-hop/ Psychedelic & Garage Rock

6 original tracks album: 3 songs & 3 instrumentals.

25 minutes total length.

Total Download weight: 55.1Mo

About this product:

25 minutes of downtempo trip from sweet chill & pop vibes to dark & hard grime hiphop ending with psychedelic rock inspired trip-hop. Enter Dantec Trippy’s mind and let yourself go…


  1. Première (featuring Chloé Grupallo) chill and groovy broken beat with brass hits inspired by afrobeat
  2. Recorder Blues. 90’s pop chill & bluesy song
  3. Reincarnated (featuring Dope Chic) cold & hard Uk grime-like rap with hypnotic synths and minimal beat
  4. Everyday (introduction) Noise-rock trippy ambient introduction track
  5. Everyday. Drama love song on Psychedelic rock triphop instrumental
  6. Morgus VS Atom Angel Heart MotherF****rs. Psychedelic acoustic guitar performance with Arabic-Andalusian epic vibe

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