Recorder Blues E.P.

6 MP3 320 (high-definition compressed audio) files: Première, Recorder Blues, Reincarnated, Every Day (+intro), Morgus vs Atom AngelHeart Motherf****rs.

recorder blues artwork

Recorder Blues is when I'm tired of being a studio guy and I want to express my artistic part too!

“You’ve got the recorder blues!” In the beginning it was only a joke, but it finally became true. Maybe I was very proud and grateful to be a studio owner. I had to work every day with music artist and that was great. But years passed by, and I realised that I had never offered to myself as much as I was offering to other artists. I was empowering their self- confidence to being the artist they wanted to be, but I did not apply it to myself! It looked like I had chosen to become a producer, so I could get as close to the artistic as possible, without ever having to take the risk to dive into it for true…

Let me take you for a 25 minutes downtempo trip from sweet chill & pop vibes to dark & hard grime hiphop ending with psychedelic rock inspired trip-hop.

tracks credits:

Première: Saxophones by Chloé Grupallo, guitars by Steven Reinhardt.

Recorder Blues: Vocals by Dantec, Bass by Jiu Gebenholtz, Guitars by Mario Varela, arrangements and mixing by Jaff. Video produced by Turtle Max.

Reincarnated: Vocals by Dope Chic (Casmir Patterson). Video produced by Turtle Max.

Everyday: Guitars by Pablo Roquefort, drums by Cédric Dupuy, Bass by Jiu Gebenholtz, vocals by Dantec.

Morgus: Composed and performed by Morgan Briant. Second guitar by Fab P. Sax by Damien Morel, vocals & prod by Dantec.

Recorder Blues E.P. mastering by Jaff

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