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  1. Recorder Blues

From the recording Recorder Blues E.P.

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Recorder Blues

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Composed, written, performed by Dantec.
Bass: Dju Gebenholtz / Guitars: Mario Zé Varela / Keys: Julien Juuljaaz Lecomble / Vocals: Dantec
Mix by Jaff.
Video by Turtle Max.


Turn the lights on, open the window.
Get the room some fresh air before the musicians come.
You have an hour to prepare: Make them feel comfortable.
And when they play you wonder « what’s you’re doing there? »
When they fail in anger, you’d like to keep the take.
You think it’s wonders, you envy their gift.

There is the hot smell from that coffee you prepare.
You hear the computer booting once again.
The microphone stands need to be set.
You can’t be late, it must be perfect.
Because you know
If you’re not good, it could be awful what they make.

And when they play you wonder « what’s you’re doing there? »
You’d like to tell them it’s wonders they create!
But you don’t have the time. And you’re the one who says:
“No it’s not the one, we have to do it once again.”

Some of them are anxious, and need to be calmed down.
They are asking you, and you pretend you know.
You guide them inside their own universe
It's like you reversed your feeling inferior.
Some may see through you and feel disappointed cause
You are not the artist but just the audience.
You don’t pretend to being anything else!
It’s what you are doing, you’re only recording.

Everyone has gone and left you all alone.
It’s time to burn the rom, to back- up what they’ve done.
There is still a fog, but no one is smoking.
Slowly cause you’re done, unplug the microphones.
The mess to be tied- up will wait for tomorrow.
Cause it’s quiet at this moment and you’re listening alone
In the morning sun, through the monitoring,
The little that you’ve done: what you’ve been recording.