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(EN) Welcome to Dantec3p. This is a quick tour to discover my music and my work as a producer and audio engineer.

(FR) Bienvenue chez Dantec3p. Voici quelques démos pour découvrir rapidement ma musique et mon travail de technicien son/ producteur.

Trippy Electronic & Hiphop music with the power of Rock !

My first release was inspired by my life as a studio owner in Paris, France.

On my second release I wanted to make it clear to everybody that I am not a pop artist…

With this release I increased the tempo to get rid of borders between rock and electro !

I compose in many different genres. So I often switch from electronic and hiphop to rock. I mainly write and sing in English but also in French, which is my native language. I like when music is powerful and mind-blowing, that’s why I’m called Dantec3p, like Dantec Trippy !

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Independent Producer & Audio engineer in Rennes (Bretagne, France)

I have managed my own studios close to Paris during twelve years. But I now live in Rennes where I work as sound technician and producer. Contact me if you need help on your project. Here are some examples of what I’ve done these last twenty years. Be aware that my services are mainly in French.

Dantec3p Prod/Presta/Pédago (prod/service/teaching)

(FR) Technicien son live et production (enregistrement & mixage) basé à Rennes, en Bretagne.

(EN) Example of recordings I recorded and mixed in my former studios in Pontoise. Released on my label d3p.

(FR) Mon programme de coaching à destination des artistes et “porteurs de projets musicaux” au sens large.

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